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Web Hosting Help - What is Bandwidth?

por Sneha Shah (2017-11-14)

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Bandwidth can make all the difference when choosing where to host your site

A common mistake made by so many people when trying to choose a web hosting company is not asking about bandwidth. After spending so much time projecting or with a developer designing your site, you do not want to see a good site ruined and only seen by a handful of people at the same time. A website is usually the window of your store and you want most people to see and, hopefully, click on your information or buy online if you are offering products. All web hosting companies will offer a limited amount of bandwidth, then it is up to you to calculate whether you need or not pay a little more for the bandwidth that you may require.

Do not be afraid to ask for advice from the web hosting company, who is there to help you along the way and, in the end, it is you who are paying for their service. You will need to advise on the size of each page on your site and, if possible, a rough estimate as to the number of people you think may see your site weekly or daily.

Is it possible to save bandwidth?

Yes, it is and that comes into play at the moment of the conception of your site. If you are looking to save bandwidth, you must place all photos in JPEG format and all graphics in GIF format. By doing so, you are compressing the files using only the much lower bandwidth needed.

Why do some companies only offer a very limited amount of bandwidth?

You have to remember that hosting on the web is an extensive and very lucrative market for the web hosting company. The more people can attract their services, the more profits they earn. In turn, they have to pay the telecommunications companies for the bandwidth that is provided to them and they only want to pay the total value to keep the profits high. Web hosting companies that do not offer you the additional bandwidth are the ones that should be avoided. If they say that it is not possible to buy additional bandwidth, then the chances are that this is a small company with little technology behind them operating with a limited budget.

What will happen if I do not have enough broadband?

It's very simple if your site does not have enough broadband to operate, one of the two things will happen. Your site will be transferred to the monitors of people very slowly and the chances are that they do not wait. The second problem is that your site can only be seen by a very limited audience at the same time. You can have excellent links from other sites, directing traffic to your path only for traffic to be diverted elsewhere to a competitor that works properly.

How can I ensure that this does not happen to me?

Undoubtedly, it is very frustrating to devote time and money to developing a good informative site only so that its visualization is reduced by the lack of bandwidth. You need to be honest with your web hosting company and tell them the number of pages and the size of the general files, in doing so, it is incumbent on us to offer the required service. You can request a guarantee from the web hosting company so that everything is fine with your site and there are many who are willing to give such guarantees. If you decide to go cheap and risk low bandwidth, you are just cheating. Look at the rates of the different web hosting companies to increase bandwidth and you will be surprised surprisingly by not costing an arm and a leg for a little more. Know the bandwidth with only cost long-term income and makes your site very unprofessional. If you are hosting with a trusted web hosting company, you will not allow this to happen anyway.

If you are not sure about the size of your site actually, it is the person or company that has developed the site for you to advise or just ask the Web Hosting India Company, they will all be happy to oblige you.

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