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SizeGenetics Reviews

por Mr Robert Harbuck (2017-11-05)

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You should aim to wear the SizeGenetics Extender for at least 3 hours per day , for several months. You need to take breaks if your penis feels soar. I jump usually 1 or 2 days per week. Try adjusting it just enough for your penis feels the pressure , but does not slide the bar elongation. There is a learning curve to get the right balance to do not be frustrated at the beginning if you are experiencing difficulties.

The time you spend wearing it, the faster you'll see your winnings. You can wear it at home, under your pants or jeans, or when you sleep. Get your penis to be erect-a-half (except if you are well hung), and then attach the device SizeGenetics on (the included DVD shows). He would be comfortable with a jean or a pant in bulk. Tight Jeans or underwear can be a problem. Also, if you sleep on your stomach, you will feel discomfort.

The extender, SizeGenetics has elongations support bars of a maximum length of about 10 inches. However, according to the testimonies of the advanced users for penis of over 9 inches , it becomes more uncomfortable to wear and more difficult to hide the extension in your pants. You will need to wear extra clothing in bulk and a shirt most of the time to help hide the device.

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