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Looking for More Power AirFryer XL Recipes?

"Edgardo" (2018-02-08)

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In addition to what’s included with your purchase (several of which we just discussed), are there any other sources for quality power airfryer xl amazon Air Fryer XL recipes?

power air fryer recipesAfter a quick online search, we found 30+ recipes on Power AirFryer XL’s website, although we’re unsure how many of these are also found in the printed book.

You’ll also find more than 100 additional air fryer recipes on Pinterest, on Meredith Laurence’s website,, and elsewhere online. You can probably even use some of the recipes for competing models, such as the Philips Airfryer Recipe Book!

If you’re looking for full-featured cookbooks, the Healthy Kitchen Shop’s Cookbook & Recipe Guide might be a solid starting point, many of which you’ll also encounter after searching on Amazon.

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