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TutuApp VIP – Install TutuApp for iOS on iPhone

por tutuapp vip (2017-11-19)

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Installing third party application such as TutuApp Apk is not a piece of cake. Fortunately, Android allows the user to get apps from third party sources by enabling unknown sources option. But when it comes to an iOS device, it is almost impossible!

You may not know that iOS is a closed source operating system. While Android is an open source platform, any developer can launch the Android app on Google Play Store. It is not possible with iTunes. The release of an application comes second before that developer has to pay the hefty sum to Apple for becoming an iOS developer.

iOS is the highly restrictive operating system that does not allow installation of third party applications. You have to jailbreak the iOS, which is another risk as your phone becomes vulnerable to cyber threats.

So, is there any secure way to get third party apps on iOS? Luckily, we are blessed with TuTuApp. The installation of TutuApp iOS is extremely easy; in fact, you don’t have to jailbreak the iPhone. Isn’t amazing?

Now, let’s see how to get TuTuApp on iPhone:

Download Steps:

  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone and visit the official website of TuTuApp. You may use Chrome or Firefox for browsing. But other than Safari, no browser will let you land on the site.
  • Sometimes, the browser can’t open the site properly. No need to worry. Just clear the cache and refresh the page. That’s it!
  • On the homepage, you will see two options. You need to click on “Download For iOS”. Again, this process is possible on a nonjailbreak iPhone.
  • As soon you click on the option, the download will start.
  • Once a download is finished, tap on the file to initiate the installation.
  • We are not done yet. You have to tap on “Trust” option from popped up window to end the process. If a window does not appear, simply go to “General Settings > Profiles > TuTuApp”. And press the “Trust” option.

Congrats, Tutuapp, is ready to use!

Installation without jailbreaking the iPhone is the best thing about TuTuApp. We understand, no one wants to ruin the expensive iPhone but still want to install premium apps for free. And that’s where Tutuapp store becomes life savior!

People rely on TutuApp to download and install modded and cracked games. This app has massive user base because of its mind-boggling features.

The users first came to know about TuTu repository for installing modded Pokemon Go version. I hope you are familiar with this internet breaking game.

For an avid Pokemon Go player, this section seems to be boring. But I am going to talk briefly about its gameplay for the newcomers.

Precisely, Pokemon Go is a game that utilizes augmented reality and fills the real world with virtual Pokemon by using phone’s camera. The primary objective is to search the Pokemon and catch it. You can train as many as possible. No restrictions. But finding Pokemon is hard. This is not a regular game that you would play for hours; sitting on your couch. You have to get out of the house to explore the Pokemon world. As starter package, you get a single Pokemon, which will be hiding in your home.

As said earlier, for finding new creatures, you need to be out of the house. At first, running across the streets may seem fun. But honestly, it gets tiresome eventually. If you are looking for a solution, we got one! Yes, I am talking about TuTuApp!

A modded version of Pokemon Go is the specialty about TuTuApp. This version offers you GPS, walking and fake location hacks. While sitting on your chair, you can play the game. Isn’t cool?

Moreover, if you are using iPhone, you don’t have to ruin the device by jailbreaking it. Thumbs up for this!

Let’s check how to install cracked version of Pokemon Go on your smartphone:

Download Steps:

  • TuTuApp Pokemon Go is the modded model of the game that brings a lot of walking, GPS, and fake location hacks.
  • By now, you must have installed TuTuApp on your smartphone.
  • Open TuTuApp, and locate the Pokemon Go on the homepage. Otherwise, you can use the search bar to find the game.
  • Click on Pokemon Go icon to open the app page. Here, you will find the button for installation.
  • Clicking the install button will start the download.
  • Within few seconds, the app will get installed on your smartphone.

Congratulations, now you own the hacked version of Pokemon Go. Without chasing the creatures on streets, 

Summing Up: Tutu app download and Install!

A round of applause for you to end the journey with us.

Let’s summarize the whole guide on TutuApp Apk. This app pantry is an exceptional platform to download regular, cracked, modded and premium apps for free. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

We already know that Android allows installation of third-party applications. But this can’t happen with iPhone. The jailbreak is required to get third-party games. TuTuApp helps in this regard. Without ruining your device, you can enjoy all types of apps and games.

The major reason to use TuTuApp is having modded version of Pokemon Go. By doing this, you can be the ultimate winner without going out!

In simple words, TuTuApp is a trusted app store to install cracked, modded and premium apps without paying a single penny!

To save you from the hassle, we discussed installation methods for both platforms (Android & iOS).

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